Reminder: God loves you so incredibly much.

I want to keep this blog post short and sweet to remind you of a great truth: You are so incredibly loved. You are loved by the Creator of the universe, the Maker of puppies, pumpkin spice lattes,  beautiful sunsets, amazing music, and much, much more. God has created you in His own image and … Continue reading Reminder: God loves you so incredibly much.


A lie we’ve all heard before as Christians…

"God never gives you more than you can handle" So far this year, I have heard this above phrase more times than I can count. As I went through rough times I've constantly heard well-meaning people tell me, "Ït's okay Grace... God doesn't give us more than we can handle."  And I believed it--I believed … Continue reading A lie we’ve all heard before as Christians…

Back to blogging…2017 Edition + Updates

Hello everyone~ Well I've decided to come back to blogging. And I realize now that my last post was way back in 2015 which is weird to thinking about, but nonetheless, I'm b a c k. So much has happened in the (almost) 2 years I stopped blogging, one of them being my long time … Continue reading Back to blogging…2017 Edition + Updates

2k16 New Year Haul ❤ (Planner/Notebook Edition)

I love planning--it's in my personality to plan everything down to the minute... And I enjoy every moment of it. So it's only natural I guess that I love planners. I love the one I got for 2016. Brand: Eccolo // World Traveler Where I got it: Marshalls Price: $5.00 Except for the fact that … Continue reading 2k16 New Year Haul ❤ (Planner/Notebook Edition)

January: My Wishes/Prayers (+2016 goals)

I say this every year in all honesty, but 2015 went waaay too fast for my liking. And now it's 2016. Now, I'm once again going to go through the awkward phase of writing 2015 when I have to write the date on school papers and such and then later changing it after realizing that it's actually 2016 (who knows though how long it'll take me to realize that though... :p)

Movie Time: War Room

Merry (two days left 'till) Christmas Because it is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year (or at least that's my opinion), I'd like to share with you another movie I watched recently that I enjoyed. My dad had been urging me to watch it for several weeks, and when I finally watched it, … Continue reading Movie Time: War Room

Dream #1: Eunoia (a nonprofit)

  One of my dreams  for the longest time has been to create a nonprofit. A nonprofit to identify and assist those in need of the most help. And by that I mean form a nonprofit that finds individuals as well as individual families that are in need of certain things, and help provide it … Continue reading Dream #1: Eunoia (a nonprofit)